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A postnatal & postpartum center with expert care for you and your newborn!

Sentosa - Postnatal Retreats

Reset, recover and reach your optimum health!

Our retreat center provides the opportunity for you & and your newborn to revitalize your body and relax your mind post-pregnancy. We offer postnatal and postpartum care programs that will recharge your body’s all-natural energy and restore its vitality in the comfort of your own home or 5-star Luxury hotels in Switzerland.

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Our retreat supports your postnatal journey every step of the way

We are committed to providing you with a nurturing environment that facilitates rest and recuperation, acknowledging the significance of this phase for your well-being. Our dedicated postnatal care initiatives contribute substantially to the enhancement of maternal and infant health. The foundation of our retreat programs is rooted in meticulously researched practices, supported by contemporary medical insights. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing nourishment, therapeutic interventions, and tailored recovery assistance, we strive to empower mothers in their postnatal journey. By addressing the unique requirements of mothers during this critical period, our center actively promotes the cultivation of enduring health, both in the present and the times ahead.

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In the aftermath of childbirth, the invaluable support of a nurturing community becomes essential for new mothers to establish profound connections with their infants. Our adeptly trained team is at your disposal around the clock, providing a spectrum of services ranging from lactation guidance to fundamental infant care. In a contemporary society where the traditional communal network is often elusive, we step in as a reliable substitute, ensuring that you receive the indispensable assistance akin to the village support system of yesteryears.

Embrace postpartum recovery with our program

Navigating the intricate phases of postpartum encompasses a multifaceted journey encompassing physical recuperation, acclimatizing to newborn care, and assimilating a transformed self-identity. It is a phase not meant to be traversed in isolation, as its intricacies require time - at minimum, several months - for the body to regain its equilibrium. Within this context, Sentosa emerges as an exemplary sanctuary for postpartum retreat and recovery, extending an encompassing program designed exclusively for you.

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The maximization of vitality in one's life hinges upon a foundation of comprehensive repose. This repose, characterized by both restful slumber and psychological tranquility, collectively contributes to the restoration process. Recognizing the essential synergy between these dimensions, our program is meticulously tailored to harmonize holistic and medical methodologies in supporting your transformative journey.

Our postpartum retreat program is meticulously curated to accompany you through the phases of recovery, encompassing the span from the initial postnatal week to the 40th week following pregnancy. From the outset, our proficient team orchestrates an environment conducive to rejuvenation, fostering the crucial bonding between you and your newborn while facilitating your seamless transition into motherhood, with a steadfast focus on achieving equilibrium between your mental and physical states. As the weeks unfold, our objective evolves to reintroduce comfort in daily pursuits, facilitating the reintegration of your customary rhythms. Our all-encompassing regimen features indispensable nutritional counsel, targeted exercises tailored for effectiveness, and invaluable insights for new mothers. Ultimately, the culmination of this journey materializes in the emergence of a revitalized and fortified version of yourself.

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