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Postnatal Aesthetic Services

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman, yet after having a baby, many women tend to notice certain changes in their bodies which make them feel less attractive. Fortunately, many postnatal aesthetic changes can be achieved at an aesthetic medicine clinic.


Pregnancy is not just the joyful expectation of the baby to be born. Hormonal imbalance in a woman's body leads to complex changes. A lot of women flourish during that period. Their skin becomes moister and more brilliant, the hair is stronger and more elastic. Yet other women experience a lot of unpleasant conditions that may require postnatal body treatment during that period. Stretch marks, scars, and hyperpigmentation, which tend to deteriorate the skin's appearance, often require laser removal for improvement. Some women lose extra weight immediately after pregnancy, others struggle with unwanted kilograms and loss of skin firmness for months or even years. They often need postpartum trainers and active training to gain back physical fitness.


Indeed, future mums take a lot of sacrifices during pregnancy, without worrying about some extra body fat or about their skin stretching beyond all borders. However, the situation changes slightly after having the baby, and the issues that were not very serious before often become a nuisance for mums.


Causa Dermis is a postpartum aesthetic clinic that is part of the Sentosa postnatal retreat in Switzerland. We offer various treatments and procedures, such as laser stretch marks or postpartum melasma removal, to help you get your postnatal body back into shape and feel good in your skin.

Postnatal Aesthetic Services - Medicines

As an experienced postpartum aesthetic clinic, Causa Dermis understands the science of skin and skin diseases, we are aware of the complex relationship between cosmetic skin problems, skin type, personal habits and the needs of the psyche and the social environment.


Our postnatal aesthetic services find reliable, low-risk solutions for your aesthetic skin problem. In doing so, we always focus on perceptible results.


The treatments we offer in aesthetic medicine include the following:


  • Treatment of melasma (chloasma, “mask of pregnancy“)

  • Treatment of scars (hypertrophic and atrophic, hyper- and hypopigmentation)

  • Body shaping and fat reduction (coolsculpting)

  • Treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

  • Peelings (superficial, medium and deep peelings)

  • Treatment of cellulite

  • Treatment of vein problems (spider veins)

  • Cosmeceuticals

  • Removal of age and sunspots

  • Treatment of benign tumours

  • Treatment of wrinkles and contours (botulinum type A, hyaluronic acid etc.)

  • Medical cosmetic treatments

Postnatal Aesthetic Services - Laser Therapy

Our long-standing experience with a large variety of lasers enables us to individually counsel you and provide a suitable therapy.


Our centre features state-of-the-art laser technology that is the basis for many effective treatments.


Laser therapy can be used effectively in a wide range of applications:


  • Treatment of laser scars removal (hypertrophic and atrophic, hyper- and hypopigmentation)

  • Treatment of laser stretch marks removal

  • Couperose skin, dilated blood vessels, spider naevi, vascular birthmarks, ruby points

  • Treatment of wrinkles and contours

  • Treatment of benign tumours, age spots, warts, benign moles, skin tags and enlarged sebaceous gland lobules

  • Removal of age and sunspots

  • Regeneration of skin

  • Treatment of fat deposits around the eyes

  • Removal of tattoos, permanent make-up, accidental tattoos

  • Hair removal (laser epilation)

FAQ For Postnatal Aesthetic Services


What kind of experience can a new mother expect from the postpartum aesthetic treatments at our clinic?

A new mother can expect a comprehensive, low-risk, reliable and specialized treatment plan with care at our clinic, Causa Dermis. Our goal is to provide safe and effective services for specific postnatal aesthetic concerns.


How is laser therapy beneficial in postnatal aesthetic treatments?

Laser therapy is highly beneficial in postnatal aesthetic treatments with its precision and effectiveness. It offers versatile solutions for postnatal aesthetic concerns such as scar and stretch mark removal, wrinkle, and contour treatment. It also helps skin regeneration and can treat fat deposits around the eyes, offering new mothers a variety of treatment options to restore their pre-pregnancy appearance.


How can a new mother restore prenatal body aesthetics and physical health after giving birth?

Postnatal recovery involves a combination of aesthetic treatments and proper fitness routines. Causa Dermis specializes in various aesthetic treatments to help restore prenatal body aesthetics. Additionally, we encourage new mothers to join our exercise programs at our main postnatal retreat center also in Switzerland, to guide you back to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels.


Contact Us

Causa Dermis is your ideal destination for postnatal aesthetic services. In addition to Causa Dermis, Sentosa also offers postpartum home care services, guidance from postpartum trainers, and postnatal holistic treatments at our center. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to providing the utmost care and support to you during this cherished period.


Reach out to us today to discover our exceptional postnatal aesthetic services and regain your confidence in your own skin.

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